At MacDonald Training Center (MTC) we “empower people with disabilities to lead the lives they choose.” 
We do this by shattering barriers to independence that have traditionally kept people with disabilities from being valued and contributing members of
our communities. Our innovative life and job skills training curriculum, community based residential supports, and competitive employment placement services
are designed to enhance independence by reducing reliance on government funding for the individuals we are privileged to serve as well as our organization.
All business services provided to the community are held to the highest quality standards.

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Tampa Location
(813) 870-1300 | Fax (813) 872-6010
5420 W. Cypress Street
Tampa, Florida 33607-1706

Plant City Location
(813) 752-6508 | Fax (813) 752-8851
2902 Cork Road
Plant City, Florida 33565-5617

VP: 813-402-0383 (local) or  1-866-948-6184 (toll free)


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